Zeppapotapuss is comprised of seven multi-talented artists who bring the studio albums of Led Zeppelin to life.

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Darin Lugar - Lead Vocals and Drums

Darin Lugar is the Singer and Drummer for the Led Zeppelin Musical Tribute band, Zeppapotapuss. Darin was born in Long Beach, CA and lived in San Diego, CA until the age of 6 when he moved to Mesa, AZ. After 2 years in Mesa, Darin started to learn to play drums but lost interest after about a year of lessons. Darin then fell in love with sports and didn’t play drums again until his Junior year of High School. Soon after high school he joined his first band.  Darin played drums for the bands, Ixtapa, Krystal Vision, Frankly Scarlett and Muscle until the late 1990’s. In 2001 Darin turned his attention to singing and fronting the bands Triple XL and Swinging Jezuz. Since 2014 Darin has combined the two talents into being the Singer and Drummer for the Best Led Zeppelin Music Tribute band in the world.            

Roy Smith - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Originally from Indiana, Roy was a member of the Award winning band The Syndicate, who in the end, formed the band Frankly Scarlett and moved to Arizona.  During his formative years, the influence of guitarists such as Jimmy Page and George Lynch served him well in honing his craft.  Other influences included Ralph Stanley and Waylon Jennings among others. After Frankly Scarlett went on to form Muscle, Roy released original work and opened for a number of major bands such as Megadeth, Kansas, and Vince Neil among others in the Phoenix, AZ area. At this point he decided to take a small break and reassess his musical path.  During this time he went back to his roots of Bluegrass and began to experiment with Mandolin and Banjo. Reaching out to his friend Darin Lugar, whom Roy knew from their time sharing the stage in the bands Frankly Scarlett and Muscle, he knew that they both had a love for all types of roots-based music. They decided to form a musical tribute to the band they both listed as their greatest musical influence, Led Zeppelin.

Bill Baker - Guitar, Mandolin, Harp, Vocals

Bill Baker has been playing and writing music professionally and fervently for 40 years and has been a Led Zeppelin fan for even longer.  His music career has taken him on the road across much of the Central and Western United States and to Mexico singing and playing guitar, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards and more.  He's rocked hundreds of clubs and other show venues and has been proud to open up for some of the most amazing and famous bands in the USA and the world.  Bill’s longest band gig includes being an originating member of the Mojo Farmers straight out of Tempe, AZ who are celebrating their 17th year of existence.  Bill's entry into the AZ music scene was heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin.  Bill’s own passion for listening to and playing Led Zeppelin music has always burned bright, but in joining Zeppapotapuss he has pushed into new territory as he works to explore Jimmy Page’s mastery of the guitar and Page’s collaborative compositions with all of Led Zeppelin’s beyond-talented members.  Bill currently resides in sunny Arizona and in the Black Hills of South Dakota and looks forward to rock crowds for many years to come.

George Gonzalez - Guitars, Vocals

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George Gonzalez is the lead and rhythm guitar player for the Led Zeppelin tribute band, Zeppapotapuss.  George was born in Santa Fe, NM. Began playing guitar at age 12, and played in numerous bands throughout the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces areas where he attended school studying chemistry, math and music. Upon completion of school at the age of 24, George moved to Mesa, Az. where he crossed paths with Darin Lugar and Jim King and joined the band Triple-XL. George has played in many bands in the Phoenix area, including fronting and playing guitar in the band Krutch. His other musical projects have included High Noon, and Broken Toys, amongst a few others. He remains musically busy with much fill in work, in and out of many musical projects from country, to blues, jazz, and rock. While rock had always been his focus in most of his playing career, his passion for the instrument has carried his talents to other types of playing as well, especially country. He is equally at home on a country stage or a rock stage. He is a true player who has a passion for playing well and playing with conviction.


Jim King is a singer/songwriter, born in upstate New York, raised in Connecticut and California until he moved to the Valley of the Sun in his senior year of high school.  He has been in numerous Arizona bands including Ravages of Time, Lizard Shake, Smakhead, Lazy Jade, Triple XL, the Mojo Farmers and now is the bass player for Zeppapotapuss.  His deep musical roots have led him to play bass & guitar with dozens of Arizona based musicians, across many genres over the years. The Zeppapotapuss project reflects not only his respect for the work of Led Zeppelin but his long-time friendships with the other members of Zeppapotapuss.


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Jim King - Bass, Vocals

Andrew Chizmeshya- Keyboards

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Toronto native and keyboardist, Andrew Chizmeshya began honing his technical skills in an experimental piano program for 5-year-olds at the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he later completed his final performance and theory certifications in 1979. As a teenager his musical “soul” was ignited by hometown bands like Rush, Max Webster and Triumph while his musical “core” was wrought in the diverse cauldron of 70s genres with strong influences from the keyboard styles of Tony Banks, John Paul Jones, Jon Lord, Gregg Rolle and Bob Mayo. In 1992 Andrew moved to Phoenix where he has steadily performed as pianist and backing musician for various local bands and artists, including Robin Lore, Cait Brennan, the Jenny Lynn project, and most recently Chad Wilson Bailey. About ten years ago Andrew also began making regular appearances as a guitar, bass and keyboard player at the Yucca Tap Room, Tempe Tavern and Sail Inn as a member of the Zen Lunatics who originated the “live band karaoke” concept in Tempe. As a founding member of the band “Rockaroke”, formed from original members of the Zen Lunatics, Andrew has performed to a regular following every week at the Sail Inn from 2012-2014 and at Cactus Jacks in Ahwatukee since that time.  Recently Andrew joined Zeppapotapuss on keyboards – a challenging but incredibly rewarding task which requires him to draw on every ounce of his background and abilities.

Elliott Jackson Rauch joins Zeppapotapuss bringing a wealth of previous tribute band experience to this Led Zeppelin project.   Elliott is most known for nailing the sounds, parts, and sound effects for one of the world’s best Pink Floyd acts, The Great Gig in the Sky.  Elliott also handles keyboard duties for the national touring Jethro Tull act Living With The Past, as well as two regional Grateful Dead bands, Xtra Ticket and The Noodles.  In all of these projects, Elliott’s attention to detail helps ensure an authentic tribute experience.

Elliott has toured both the US and Canada, playing noteworthy events and venues such as the New Orleans Jazz Fest, Reggae on the River, and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.   His resume includes backing artists such as  Eddie Watkins Jr (Herbie Hancock, Santana), Mark Karan (Bob Weir/ Ratdog), Peter Broggs, Sister Carol, Jimmy Tibeau,  and many others.


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Elliott Jackson Rauch - Keyboards

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